Who among us is innocent when it comes to procrastination? Surely none of us – even the most focused people slip into it every now and again.

We could all benefit from a boost in productivity. Fortunately, there are ways that technology can improve your productivity instead of draining it out of you. Like everything, there are pros and cons.

Right now, we’re going to focus on the pros of productivity-boosting apps. Apps aren’t just for your phone either – many are available for installation on your computer.

We know how challenging it is to remain focused with all the distractions we face, so we have some apps to help.




1. OneNote


This app comes from Microsoft and is an excellent solution for just about anyone, even business owners.

If you want to compile loads of information, manage a variety of projects from one place, then this might be what you’ve been looking for.

It features a notebook layout, which makes it easy for you to break up projects or topics into various sections.

There are also a variety of smaller features like when you take something from an online source, OneNote will include the URL for you which is perfect for reference purposes.

You can use it on your phone, tablet or computer. It’s also a free app.


2. Flipd


This app is made for people who need help keeping their hands off their phone. It features two main settings.

The first one allows you to shut your phone on for a specific time limit. You cannot go back on this setting – once it’s done, it’s done which means you are forced to focus without distraction.

If you are scared to go all out or you don’t need an approach as aggressive, you can opt for the second setting. This will monitor how much time you spend on/off your device.

This will allow you to set certain periods of time with scheduled breaks. You will also receive notifications warning you that you are accessing your phone outside of your breaks. It’s a gentle reminder that you should be focusing elsewhere.




3. Focus@will


This app is special. It gets to know you and creates a personalized profile that will provide you with music to keep you productive and focused.

It takes the type of worker you are to tailor music based on how you think, how distracted you get, and how you solve problems.

If you work in public or you’re in a shared office space – this is perfect. This one will cost you, but you don’t have to pay anything before you enjoy a free trial.


4. Todoist


If you want to keep track of all your lists, then Todoist is the app to do it with.

It’s easy to use – you can simply create a new action and place it under a project – for yourself, for your roommate or family or for a colleague.

The entire point is that you can log this information and then forget all about it until it’s necessary.

It’s also possible to use it to track your progress (or keep tabs on someone else’s progress).


5. Pomotodo


You have probably heard of the Pomodoro technique by now, this app combines that with to do lists.

You can enjoy 25 minutes of focused activity and then take a five-minute break. This cycle repeats four times before you can enjoy a longer break of 20 minutes.

You can also use task lists to track sessions.

You can log work and even create a simple time-sheet report to keep track of your productivity levels.

You get the best of both worlds.




See You on the Side of Success!

Elaine & Helen