Hello, we’re sharing a little background with you about what led us to working online.

We sure didn’t see 2008 coming as we got hit, like so many others, with the housing recession!
Helen got it worse as she had more property investments whereas I was able to hang on with a couple investments. They were times of struggle and also confusing in general because we were “cash poor” with good properties in a strong market area like California. (Sadly, 2008 and the banks are in the history books now)

As a few years passed by, and things weren’t getting any better nor was there much hope on the horizon, Helen decided to take some drastic actions.
She heard about the Oil Fields of North Dakota being likened to the California Gold Rush of 1849 and that truck drivers where getting paid a lot of money to work there.
Helen didn’t think twice about it because her credit cards were close to being maxed out and she was still paying for her kids’ education.

She found a truck drivers school, got her license and off to North Dakota she went. After searching for a month and sleeping in her van she landed a job with a good company that gave lots of overtime as well as housing. (Not much of a Life and a huge sacrifice of normal comforts) Lisa Ling with CNN did a documentary on the Oil Fields and filmed Helen’s experience quite extensively. A woman working in a man’s world. She held her own under those extremely harsh conditions.

Meredith Viera invited her with Lisa Ling from CNN to her show:

You can watch Helen here.  (raw home video)

As for me (Elaine), a few years ago, my husband and I had our retirement savings stolen by violent criminals which sent us reeling into debt. The traumatizing experience also left us with most of the symptoms of PTSD. We were not about to go to North Dakota to find a solution to our problem so I researched the internet for months about online marketing.

Huge Tip: Research is required to make smart decisions in this industry.

If jobs are scarce for the younger generation just getting out of college what were our chances? We didn’t let fear hold us back and we dove in to learning Online!

We’re so impressed with this vast and limitless sea of opportunity. Don’t think this industry is saturated because the reality is the opposite and you can learn how to market online. Whatever you’re interested in there’s a “niche” (a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service) with the potential to provide an extra income for you.

Be Aware: There’s no such thing as “get rich quick” with marketing on the internet. Your determination to learn and taking action will set the pace towards success.

All the research and brain storming has paid off. We launched the Home Biz Twins, building our brand and showing others how they can build theirs also.

We’ve got experiences, stories and honest tips to share with you. Our goal is to help  you avoid the pitfalls of this industry as we share information that we wished we had when starting out!


We Know You’ll Succeed!

Elaine & Helen