Six Children with Twins Born in the Middle


 ~ Helen was born 1st and Elaine was born 6 minutes later.
We are Identical Twins. [can’t tell us apart in our early photos]

We both weighed 7 lbs, 3 oz each.


Our mother sure has stories of those last 3 weeks and feeling
really uncomfortable.
She was a Registered Nurse so her nature and personality was to always  nurture others and never bother anyone when she was under the weather.
Our parents had 6 kids within 11 years. [4 girls & 2 boys]
We, the twins, were born in the middle. 
Imagine what that was like!    

Yes, we were rambunctious! 🙂  🙂  

Those were the days when people were really busy and not surprisingly they got a lot accomplished! Techie toys were not household items.

Nowadays, people are getting caught up with being busy and in the

end not producing much.  We know!  It’s happened to us.


Here’s a phrase to remember:
We keep this one on our desks!
Many of us started our online marketing business being buried
in courses and information that overwhelmed us.
The IM Industry is maturing rapidly and now we see many
companies are better organized than before.
If you’re just starting out you have the opportunity to map out
real productive goals and see them through as compared
to the old IM days.  [So there’s no excuse – LoL!]
We host our website with a Company that’s
been a leader as well as a pioneer, since 2008, in the industry.  
Not many can claim that!
It’s a “One Stop Shop” for Online Marketing. Everything is under
one roof, including a CRM!  [Even Realtors perk up when they hear a
CRM is included]
That’s why we started off this post with how productive our
parents were. 🙂  🙂 
The founders at MyLeadSystemPro are like parents helping their Large Family of Online Marketers accomplish their goals and dreams of success with Lead Generation.


They are at the forefront of Internet Marketing and stay on the pulse of the Industry as it continues to grow.  
Not many can claim that!
Here are two links to check out… for your IM research:
Which reminds us… we gotta call Mom (90 yrs)  & Dad (99 yrs old).
Dad was a “mama’s boy” — so he took his time to meet the right gal and finally got married at 34! — He’s our Captain America!
See Ya On The Side of Success!!
Elaine & Helen

        🙂  🙂


Our Dad: Captain America with mom




Our father passed away June/2019 … a month shy of 101 years old.

It’s an astonishing moment to see someone take their last breath. Mom was with him when he exhaled and slumped over in his chair due to his heart stopping.

She is doing well and we’re so grateful for all the empathy and compassion.

We’re extremely grateful for being able to spend a lot of time with our folks for several years because of the freedom Online Marketing allows us. [Priceless!]