Has stress, worry or even anxiety held you back from the life you desire and deserve?


Whether it’s wanting to change careers, create a new side income, scale your business, start or fix a relationship or even get healthy… Stress can be the biggest thing holding you back. Plus it ages you and causes illness. Even if it’s just sometimes. We’re sure you can relate to this.

Have you noticed everybody can relate to stress?  However when a comment of “limiting thoughts” is brought up some people don’t project a familiarity with the subject.  

Let’s talk about what we call a “byproduct” of Stress which are our Limiting Thoughts. Personally, we were not aware of our limiting thoughts because we didn’t realize the hidden power of the subconscious. We were not mindful of the little voices in the back of our heads saying we “couldn’t” be successful as Entrepreneurs.  

We didn’t realize that the little voice commenting all the time about “how hard” some of the marketing courses were had a detrimental affect on our progress. There was a constant chime of:  “this is hard” while studying.  It was not uncommon to consciously acknowledge the louder cries of complaint due to working outside of our “comfort zone”.

No wonder why we fell into the starting/stopping and loop-de-loop cycle at the beginning of learning online marketing. Can you imagine being oblivious to the criticism and condescending behavior we were treating ourselves with?

You guessed it… Stress and our limiting thoughts were leading us down the path of frustration and impossible. 


Once we understood what was happening we seriously became MINDFUL of controling those limiting thoughts.  What a difference!

Being AWARE of how much the subconscious controls our thinking patterns is extremely liberating.

We could see the possibilities more clearly. Uncluttering the mind of limiting thoughts freed up a lot of space!

What do we do with the extra space?

We Get Inspiration Into Our Daily Diet

Inspiration = the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

There are so many ways you can inspire yourself throughout the day. From something small like reading a quote to finishing an inspirational book, movie or conversation.

From a young age we went camping and learned to appreciate the outdoors and nature. Meditating on Creation is very inspirational and calming for the mind.  



We encourage you to be seriously mindful of:


  • Limiting thoughts turn singers into accountants. 
  • Limiting thoughts make people desperately cling to the past, unable to move forward with life. 
  • Limiting thoughts stop us from doing the things we’ve always wanted and loving ourselves for it. 
  • We feel bound by our labels. 
  • Yes – Limiting thoughts LIMIT US.

Let go of all limiting thoughts – and you will experience Freedom and Happiness.                                                    




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