It’s Easy Until We Complicate Things

These two common words run through our minds whenever we begin any new project: Hard or Easy?

They can even “tag team” throughout our thought process leaving us frustrated and confused. If things are “hard” for us even our body feels the stress. But when they’re “easy” we feel like we’re sailing into the sunset.

When it comes to Online Marketing, being a member of a trusted company is key for learning and growing. Community and camaradarie end up pulling you forward through tough times.         

Starting out seemed so easy until we overcomplicated everything. What started out as a couple of  innocent online courses, without guidance, we were thrown into overwhelm quickly. How?

Working online is all about LINKS… and we were clicking on a ton of links excited to learn more and more. Then we felt like we were on a roller coaster of understanding then not understanding! Up and Down!

We ended up with a ton of mashed up knowledge. What did we do then? We Started Over!

We asked ourselves… Where can we get everything we need for an online business on one platform or “under one roof”?  Yes, the “One-stop-shop” style so our learning can be as easy and enjoyable as possible.

A Home Based Business is supposed to be enjoyable but we found ourselves overloaded in overwhelm.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones feeling the pressure and it’s a common problem with over 90% of people starting a Biz online. This is the reason our mission statement is about helping you avoid overwhelm. 

Finally, we found what we were looking for!

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[sigh of relief]

MyLeadSystemPro [MLSP] has one of the most powerful, lucrative, and innovative affiliate programs online today.

With MLSP, you can…

  • Build your own brand, and have your blog online in 1 click… SITES
  • Create your own funnels & offers that sell YOUR products… FUNNELIZER
  • Follow up with interested prospects with a professional customer relationship manager…CRM
  • Build your own e-mail ‘List’ by giving away done-for-you valuable trainings, gifts, PDF’s, and downloads
  • Get LIVE ongoing lead generation training from the best in the profession…
  • A Business Center where You Can Create Your Own Product [Priceless!]
  • Access the MLSP community, which is the most supportive group of entrepreneurs & business owners online today…

As an MLSP member, you will learn to brand and build YOU thru the MLSP education system & training portal.

And because you have chosen to become an MLSP affiliate, you can now GET PAID even when people say NO to your business opportunity, product, or service.

You can also share the invaluable MLSP blog posts, track clicks, drop affiliate cookies, and get paid when prospects click YOUR MLSP blog posts links and buy any MLSP product(s).

What a cool concept: EARN AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS on the side as you develop YOU & YOUR BRAND, learn & grow, increase your skill-sets, and become more valuable to the marketplace.

And these up-front ‘on-the-side’ affiliate commissions are VITAL to your business because ALL businesses will take some time to develop, mature and get into PROFIT.

This is how the MLSP Affiliate Program can help you stay in business long enough to start seeing some actual PROFITS! And who likes leaving money on the table?

We’re talking about making money from and building relationships with the 90% of the people who will say NO to your business opportunity, product, or service… Why not serve them, build a relationship, acquire a customer, and get paid?!


The founders of MLSP are the pioneers of this industry and inovators of this Lead Generation platform since 2008. They have done all the “hard” work for you.

We just have to be persistant in learning and growing, which is the “easy” part of the equation!

Bottom line: Sales depend on Leads… and a Lead Generation platform with all the systems set up to process them makes your life real “easy”!

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See Ya On The Side Of Success!

Elaine & Helen


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*These kids are sooooo cute!

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