“Should I Start An Online Business?”

This is a very common question today as more people are finding out they can earn extra income online. Technically, it’s so easy to set up an online business. On the other hand, it is very hard to succeed in an economy as shaky as ours. 

So, what can an aspiring Entrepreneur do who wants to make the jump into the Online Marketing space?    

First, people have a difficult time trusting online businesses, therefore, you need to create a trustworthy “Brand” for yourself.

Look for a company that specializes in branding by training online marketers how to brand the right way.  In setting up your website, make sure that your Home page and About Us page best represent who you are and your “Mission Statement” is clear.

It takes a bit of thinking to choose a creative Logo. [don’t worry you could have a Logo done for $5 and up on fiverr]

We chose:

Helping You Get That Home Biz Going… With Lead Generation!


Give yourself time to build an online presence even though for some,  it seemed like overnight. Naturally, for those of us with a learning curve it took a while longer.

Setting up all your systems, especially with Social Media, can result in immediate feedback from the target audience. You can quickly utilize ads on Google and Facebook and word-of-mouth to start recruiting potential consumers to sign up for a mailing list where you’ll provide value about the niche you targeted.

Your subscribers will stay on your list consuming the information you share and market to them. Provide a lot value, stay up-to-date and they’ll be happy. 

Between Twitter, Facebook and real life, you have a significant sampling of friends, family, acquaintances and followers who could all be potential customers.

Research For Ideas And Answers

But, aside from feedback from friends, family, and followers, you are going to have to rely on research. 

  • Research often. 
  • Research carefully. 

Many entrepreneurs starting out don’t search for market data or surveys that already exist on a desired niche or industry. We learned to research after jumping in online.  Of course, we already chose Digital Online Marketing and knew it was a successful niche to work with. 

A few quick searches could either justify (or kill) the market opportunity for your idea. Research will tell you what the market is like, what people want, what they like and dislike about products.

People write about the products on their blogs, in their tweets, in their Instagram descriptions so there’s no lack of information for you to make a wise decision. Mondays are usually our “research and writing” days.

The other thing to keep in mind is that your idea(s) will change over time. As time goes by, the tendency is to simplify and streamline or, the opposite can happen. Most successful companies in the world originally started with a very different product or focus.

Changes, adjustments and growth depend on your personality and thought process. Always remain flexible and open-minded. Whenever possible sign up for Mentors and Coaches to guide you through and help with accountability.

Clarity Is Key

The majority who Google the possibilites of an Online Biz are clueless of the barrage of  marketers awaiting them on the other side of Links. For newbies, the results can be a frustrating buying frenzy without having a clear direction of an online Biz.

Getting caught up in buying unnecessary products is only due to a lack of experience with marketing which can easily be solved with clarity.

On our home page we host our eBook that helps you avoid SOS, “Shiny Object Syndrome” which is caused by a lack of clarity and overspending. A must read for anyone in online marketing.

All you need is to get trained and you’ll be on your way to earning an extra income online. We wish it were that easy when we started!

Our experience was falling flat on our faces in overwhelm because we didn’t start in a consolidated and protective atmosphere like a dedicated Online Marketing Platform. 

“It’s Never Too Late!”

That saying may not work for everything but it does for online marketing today. This industry is still getting started.

There are plenty of opportunities! – We found a perfect platform to fit our needs where we started out learning for FREE and saw the potential for us to grow. In our opinion, an online marketing platform is the best place to start because of the support provided.

Many systems that you have to search for and sign up separately for are included in a membership platform. Member training sections are priceless, especially for newbies, to avoid overwhelm and getting distracted by a multitude of different marketers.

Also, the ease of one login minimizes any potential stress of doing your daily diligence online.

Why are we emphasizing an online platform?

We’ll never tire from helping others get one thing clear when starting a Biz online; a lack of clarity caused us to have a rough start that could have been prevented!

We’ll go into more detail in Part 2 of our Series: “How Easy Is It To Start An Online Business?”

See You On The Side Of Success!

Elaine & Helen



P.S. Here is the platform we use

  Helping You Get That Home Biz Going…!


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