Stuck? Been there, Felt That! 

Do you ever feel STUCK in your business? From a newbie to a seasoned veteran…  we ALL get stuck sometimes.

Problems ~ Setbacks ~ Disappointments, etc.

hourglass-708574_640They happen to us all, at every stage, no matter who you are or how much money you make. The KEY to becoming successful though, is to not let anything completely derail you, and keep you stuck for very long.

Because when you do, you lose focus, excitement and the drive to move forward. They equal a deadly combination that will only lead to more disappointment and possibly giving up on your dreams.

Time is precious. 

Since our greatest challenge in Online Marketing has been the learning curve we’re experts at… stuck. We regularly had feelings of defeat over techie issues. 

Our advice: Keep Going and sing the Happy Song.  🙂 🙂  {Pharrell Williams}

How Do You Deal With… Stuck?

You choose to become unstoppable.  {We know…cliché 😉 😉 but it’s true!}

You don’t let anything or anyone get you off track.

A few synonyms of  “stuck” are:  Immovable,  fixed,  jammed, and bogged down. Your Biz could come to a screeching halt if there’s no proactive remedy and soon.

Try this: Hurry and do some quick assessments to find out where the leak is in your Biz.  

We’ve done lots of remodeling on properties and we think of being stuck like a leak in the plumbing of a house. Plumbing problems are very distressful because they can easily cause major damages to the walls and floors of a home. Those repairs become minor issues if mold & mildew are found! This compound effect results in a stressful mad dash to get the much needed reparations done and quickly.

With emergency plumbing issues there’s no homebiztwins.comyawning and looking at your calendar to repair the leak at a convenient date.

Have you Googled 24 hour plumbers lately?   It’s obvious that leaks are Big Biz for that industry!

Time is of the essence to fix leaks and we’re always so relieved and grateful with the plumber afterwards for a speedy plumbing service.

Relief and Gratitude go hand-in-hand when we finish projects, meet our Biz schedules and produce content. We mold our attitude to be more speedy and in production mode when working on our Biz.

Then we relax, yawn like this cat and plan for family time… unstuck! 🙂 🙂 

Back To Being Unstoppable!

–> You can fix the leak in your Biz by figuring out where you’re losing precious time, energy, organization and focus.

–> Doing this right away, and quickly, will get you back into the flow again. Yes, flow. That stuck feeling will subside and even disappear. 

–> The feeling of being invigorated again is worth the conscious effort to do what it takes to get away from… “stuck”.

–> You will get that familiar feeling back of being unstoppable and in production mode!

Production Mode on Top of the World


It’ll feel like your on top of the world!




Elaine & Helen




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