What Is A Challenge?

A Challenge is a call to take part in a contest or competition. 

• a task or situation that tests someone’s abilities. 

• an attempt to win a contest or championship in a sport.

Why Do A Challenge?

Studies have shown that goal-setting and taking action, even baby steps, will lead you towards success. The problem is so few people seem to ever get around to it.

We know because we’ve had so many moments of feeling frozen when action was required.

Simply identifying what you want and focusing on finishing is a step in the right direction.

A Challenge provides you with accountability and a desire to get lazer-targeted with your tasks to move your business forward and have breakthroughs.

Taking on A Challenge can kick things up a notch in your Home Biz and get some much needed momentum.

Prepare To Win


With an organized plan of action, you should be able to sit down in 30, 60 or 90 days and feel satisfied that you accomplished the objective.

  1. Begin by asking yourself: What do I want to accomplish?
  2. Your most important objective should go at the top of the list.
  3. Look at this list every morning and throughout the day, checking off the different tasks as you finish them. 

You’ll soon be addicted to the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment as you finish each day of the challenge.


Challenges Date Back To Childhood And School

Our earliest memories of happy challenges were in Elementary School with kick-ball, spelling bees and science projects. We can still remember the feelings of excitement and butterflies in our stomachs when challenged in school or sports.

Even when we suffered a loss there was always another day with another challenge during those school years. 


Not much can compare to the energy of children when they’re really excited!

Likewise, a business challenge can bring energy and excitement as if it were a game.

Just as children rely on teachers for their education, entrepreneurs have mentors or coaches for their business growth and success.  

We’ve missed out on some good challenges in the past so when this popular business challenge started up we jumped on it.

There is no comparison when it comes to challenging yourself by putting “the pedal to the medal” in your Biz and feeling that trust of speed.

You’re cranking out work like crazy and getting systems set up for automation, while leaders are practically holding your hand as you do the tasks.


Challenges are popular with teams of Entrepreneurs because they produce consistent results.

There’s a daily dose of recognition, appreciation and encouragement if you participate in a group effort to Boost Your Biz.

Write your goals down, and make them happen with a challenge.

Let us know how it goes. If you want a little accountability, post your goals in the comments section below.


Ready, Set, GO!

See Ya On The Side Of Success!

Elaine & Helen



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What has been your experience with goal-setting?

What are some of your current goals?