Being grateful everyday for what you have is a psyche altering experience. We were raised to be thankful and kind to others so we naturally minimized the need to “practice” gratitude.

We now believe the “thinking I’m thankful” attitude is not enough.

Literally and intentionally “practicing” gratitude is the most important first step of each day.

Why Do We Need To Practice Gratitude? 

To begin with, it puts you in more control of that voice in the back of your head. We’re all usually grateful when we receive a gift or favor from someone. Those moments are sporadic and with such busy lives, a day or two can pass by without a genuine reflection of gratitude.

Frequency is key and leaving gratitude up to chance leaves a void in our daily lives. Treat it like a daily exercise and you will see a difference in your attitude and your life.

The ability to breathe and be grateful for a particular person, circumstance, thing, whatever it is in your life that you are or can be grateful for.

“Practice” being grateful for another day of life no matter how many problems you have.

This habit will fill your mind and body with positive emotions that will allow you to have more clarity and creativity to resolve all of your situations.

There are two emotions that constantly ruin our daily lives: fear and anger (or insecurities and frustrations)

You can’t be grateful from a fearful angle. They don’t go together. Likewise, you can’t be angry and grateful simultaneously.

If you would literally start today by cultivating a habit to “practice” gratitude you will be on the “highway to happiness” … and Focus!

No more pulling you in every direction. You’ll be able to handle stress and be a true leader of your life.

Highway to Happiness

Need Ideas?  Les Brown Will Inspire You To “Practice” Gratitude:

“There are half-full and half-empty people on this planet.  The half-full group has their glass filled with gratitude.  

Gratitude is one of those emotions that can increase well being and happiness among those who deliberately create it.  

Gratitude can also increase energy, optimism and empathy; all characteristics of positive happy people.

Imagine being aware of all the good things that surround you.  Imagine how much easier it would be to handle diversity and opposition when you have this upbeat attitude?  

Imagine having a purpose in life, an appreciation for those lives around you, and a willingness to take action to show your sentiment of gratitude.

Those are the ingredients to a more fulfilled balanced life.  Focus on the big and the small things to show your gratitude.  

You will find that as you carry this new posture, you will emit a positive energy that will be able to attract into your life exactly what you need to proceed and succeed.  

Gratitude is a state of mind that we all have access to. It takes ‘practice’ and with ‘practice’, it reaps great benefits”.      – Les Brown 


Try This Quick And Easy Workout Every Day.

Wake up and instantly say what you are grateful for. 

Think of something that’s awe-inspiring to help you “practice” gratitude.

We’ve seen the magnificent  Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

That experience of awe while watching the night sky light up as if dancing around the vastness left no room for anything but pure amazement and gratitude.

Thinking of the Northern Lights transports us back to that state of joy which helps us “practice” gratitude daily.


If you get value… feel free to comment and share with your friends this important message of Gratitude. 

  • What is your routine for gratitude?
  • Have you seen the Northern Lights?
  • Leave a comment below 


Enjoy being Grateful!



Elaine & Helen



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