Risky Job Or Home Biz?

 ~ We found this article and had to share it with you since we’re fans of Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. We like watching some nature or job related shows that creep-us-out!  

Reading about the risky jobs are always shocking!  Articles like these create a divide when it comes to who would actually work under such conditions. 


Other Options Exist

We didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial family and a home based business was not an option.

So when Helen came under economic pressure, she got her Class A drivers license, certificates like Hazmat and became a diesel Truck driver in the Bakken Oil Fields of North Dakota.  



We didn’t know about online marketing much less heard about being able to take FREE courses to learn and start a home biz. Those were tough years for her.

For this reason we want to sound an alert about other options when it comes to working for a living.

This Blog is dedicated to educate others about having a Home Biz of their own.


Where to Start Learning

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We always say: “If We can do it, You can do it!”

So we’re just sharing this article with you as an “FYI” and do not encourage you to go out and get one of these jobs. LoL!


Enjoy this Article and Compare — Risky Job or A Cozy Home Biz:

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Here’s the thing about the dangerous jobs made famous by reality television shows such as “Deadliest Catch” and “Ax Men” — the pay is generally lousy relative to the considerable (and literal) risk to life and limb. Fishermen and loggers can expect median salaries of about $33,500 a year, $1,250 less than the median for all workers.

Yet the fatality rate for fishermen is 36 times the rate for all occupations. That’s the highest of any profession. Loggers, at nearly 30 times the overall fatality rate, rank second.


Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 12.08.27 AMIf you’re going to take a risky job, you should at least get compensated handsomely for it.

So we crunched the numbers on injuries, fatalities and salaries to identify ten occupations offering fat paychecks that more than make up for the elevated risks.


And because no career is worth dying for, we tried to favor those with low incidences of on-the-job fatalities. Top earners in many of these fields can enjoy six-figure salaries, in some cases even without college degrees.

Take a look at these ten risky jobs that pay well.

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