Have you been struggling with your productivity lately? Do you find you’re constantly struggling to get done what needs to be done when it needs to be done?

Productivity is a hard skill to master, but there’s one key tactic that can help ensure you’re being more productive.

Setting priorities can help you keep on task and ensure everything gets done in the order in which it needs to be completed. In this article, we’re going to help you set your priorities and start being more productive.


Why Setting Priorities Works


You may think something as simple as jotting down your priorities is far too easy of a solution, but it’s not. Setting priorities is the absolute key to being and staying productive. It helps you to ensure you get everything done in a timely manner, nothing gets forgotten, and that you have time left in your day to do something for yourself.




By setting your priorities, you work to keep yourself on task, get everything done when it needs to be done, and give everything the proper attention and time it deserves.

The best part is, once you’ve gotten in the habit of it, it becomes second nature.

Keeping your priorities in order in your life and your tasks can be difficult, but it’s rewarding once you get the hang of it.


Determining Your Priorities


Setting your priorities can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. It requires a lot of thought and deliberation. Before you prioritize your tasks, you have to prioritize your life.

We all have tons of things we have to get done: we have to do lists for housework, for our jobs, for our families, for ourselves, and for our relationships. How do we decide what we do when in order to get it all done?

First things first: You have to determine what has the highest priority.

These things are all important and some days, how you prioritize them may shift based on the timelines allotted, but you have to at least have a foundation of priorities with which to work.

Most people would place their priorities: family, job, relationships, housework, ourselves in that order.




Once you’ve determined your life priorities, you can set your task priorities. You want to prioritize your tasks based on urgency, importance, and significance.

If you have a task that has to be done by the end of the day, you’ll want to complete it before you do something that you have a week to get done. Similarly, if you have an event that’s only going to happen once, you want to put it at the top priority so you don’t miss it.


Sticking to Your Priorities


Determining your priorities is only half the battle. Sticking to them is even more difficult.

You have to keep your priorities in mind each time a new task is added to your to-do list. You have to be diligent about sticking to them; do what matters most first and then handle the rest.

Take everything one task at a time and follow your list of priorities. Once you’ve successfully practiced considering your priorities list as you go through your daily tasks, you’ll get into the habit of it and develop a routine.

Productivity is hard to master, but by setting your priorities, you can get everything done in a timely manner. Setting your priorities and keeping to them is incredibly difficult, but not impossible.

The best part is, once you get the hang of it, it becomes a regular routine and second nature.




See You on the Side of Success!

Elaine & Helen