Social Media Strengthens Your Brand

Remember when “social media” didn’t even exist?  Until recently, “social media” was just a buzzword. Now, “social media” is a way of life – and if you want to compete with your brand online, you really need to have a strong social media marketing presence.  This is not a kind of “take it or leave it” element of online success; this is a “have to have it” piece of the online puzzle!

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When you have a presence on social media,  your customers and potential clients can find you and connect with you.  By connecting on social, you will increase customer retention and Brand loyalty.

Investing time in your social media development, direction, and of course the growth, takes time to understand. There’s a bit of complexity involved, however a concern for the little things can make a big difference between success and failure.

Where do you start to build a Biz with Social Media?

Start with your favorite and then build up the others.  Which platform are you using now or like the best? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pintrest?  Master one platform at a time, learning the biz side, and then move on to another.  Building one at a time is so important because the tendancy is to get them all up and running as soon as possible. Studies show that multi-tasking is a culprit for getting overwhelmed

Enjoy the process!  Have fun as you connect with people and gain new relationships who could become your customers. They’ll see you as the “go to” person and trust you for giving so much valuable content.  You will grow your biz. Social Networking is amazing and don’t be surprised when you get customers and clients from other countries because social media and social networking have changed the game especially in the Affiliate and Online Marketing Industry.

Social media is global! We’re now used to networking with people from around the world. 

How Much Marketing And Selling Should We Do With Social Media?

A good rule of thumb is to apply the 80-20 rule to your social media marketing efforts. That means you spend about 80 percent on sharing or giving value to your followers. Marketing and/or selling is only 20 percent.

 The monetary goal of a Home Biz Twinsproductive social media campaign is to drive traffic to your website and increase sales.  Develop and execute a strategy that will increase your website’s metrics ranging from traffic to sales to the continual interaction.

Remember this important point: Social media isn’t about blasting your company’s sales pitch on social.  It’s a two-way channel where you have the opportunity to enrich relationships with your customers. Think of the advantage you have since social media dialogue between brands and customers is something traditional advertising cannot achieve.

Focus on the importance of building your brand reputation and recognition. How do clients and the potential clients view your business?  Social media increases sales and customer retention through regular interaction and on-time customer service.

Not only does social media help you direct people to your website, but the more social media shares you receive, the higher your search ranking will be.

Even though this sounds like a lot of work, the only time consuming part is in the beginning when you’re setting things up. Then it gets easier as you do your daily diligence which is usually a couple of hours worth of time.

Automating is when the magic happens. The systems you set up allow you to enjoy your vacations without any worries. As we like to say: content rolls off the computer into the world wide web by itself!

Home Biz Twins

After taking the leap to become entrepreneurs our passions and creative juices were flowing in different directions which threw us into overwhelm, hence the reason we sound an alert for you.

This Is Extremely Important: Get the basics done now with your biz which is setting up the systems like Social Media the right way.  

Here’s a quote to remember:

“Park your passion first and then get profits to fund your passion” HomeBizTwins  

Enjoy the process!

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