AWeber is essentially an email marketing system that provides you with the means to deliver automatic responses (via email) to people who sign up to be a subscriber on your list.

It’s a software program that automates the process of collecting customer lead information and communicating with those leads to support increased sales.

Access to this software is made possible through a subscription that you can purchase on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Prices start at $19 per month and increase based on the size of your list.

One of the reasons why so many people are able to operate successful businesses online is due to the availability of useful online tools that do a tremendous job of automating certain business processes – like customer relations.

Keeping in touch with customers and leads is a critical task when running a business and leading email marketing service AWeber functions like a mini-customer-service relations army!

From capturing names and email addresses to providing professional quality newsletter templates, AWeber makes the smallest of companies look like the largest with automation that can be customized to reflect the uniqueness of your business and your customers.



Think about the work that would be involved if you did not have an automated service like AWeber to manage your communications with leads and customers. You’d have to manually record the names of anyone who was interested in your business.

You then would have to collect all the names from your contact form database (or slips of paper!) and draft a letter to each to thank them for showing interest in your product or service.

You’d then have to figure out the timing for contacting each person for a follow up as that would depend on when they signed up for more information.

If you had only 2 people signing up a month that might be manageable but hopefully you want to create a thriving, profitable business and that usually requires a lot more than 2 prospects a month.

Ideally you want to be getting several prospects a day! Can you imagine how impossible it would be to create a system yourself for maintaining communications with dozens of new prospects a week?

This is why the automated email marketing service provided by AWeber is so invaluable. With AWeber your prospects will be automatically added to a secure database that you do not have to maintain.

You also don’t have to manually respond to every new subscriber to your list. Everything is automated.

Once you set up your campaign you can then sit back and monitor the results provided to you via AWeber’s measurement reports which can tell you everything from what percentage of your list opened your email to which subscribers clicked on the links you provided within your email message.

With this kind of knowledge you can edit and adjust your email marketing strategy to better fit the interests and motivations of the people who’ve subscribed to your list.

With AWeber you can be a one-person marketing machine able to launch a professional marketing campaign using the power of email and effective communications to convert prospects into paying customers.



Social media is of course a standard part of any progressive marketing initiative today and AWeber makes it easy for you to use social media to help boost your email marketing campaign.

You can connect AWeber to your social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook right inside of “List Option” directly under your company branding section.

By allowing AWeber to access your profiles on these social networks, AWeber will automatically post updates (as your profile) whenever you broadcast a message to your subscribers if you choose that option.



We Love AWeber’s customer support because of their ‘Live’ Support.

In the beginning of growing our Biz we had issues attacking us from every direction and many times the only way of resolving something was via email or chat.

Email requires waiting for answers and gets to be long and drawn out over days. Chat is fumbling with texting the complicated issues we usually faced at the moment of needing Support.

Calling AWeber Support is so calming and reassuring as you can talk with a ‘Live’ human being who is super friendly.

Every time we’ve called, we got our issues resolved and even learned extra tips because they took the initiative to help us.

Our advise for you is to look around for what suits you and also take a good look at what AWeber offers.

Disclaimer: In rare cases, you may hear someone talk about their autoresponder account being shutdown. All companies adhere to federal rules and regulations which are provided to users, to abide by, so as to not suffer any consequences.

Autoresponders are an invaluable tool for online marketing and the majority of us happily follow instructions.

Happy emailing to you!!


See You on the Side of Success!

Elaine & Helen