Good question!

The answer needs to be at the top of your mind throughout your entrepreneurial career when providing content and giving value.

The question is:

What are people interested in?

There’s an easy answer:


People are interested in their own lives, circumstances and problems.

Naturally people have many other interests but when nothing else is grabbing their attention, it’s logical that they’re focused on their needs.

For example, when you want to create content for your email list, your videos, your webinars and social media posts all you have to do is talk about their:

  • problems
  • fears
  • suspicions
  • adversaries
  • Dreams


Sound strange? 

When it comes to marketing it’s not strange at all.

Some Realities of Building a Biz are:

  1. ”problems” with traffic & conversion, techie stuff or outsourcing, etc.
  2. ”fears” around the insecurity of starting or scaling a Biz.
  3. ”suspicions” or belief in yourself and others about business decisions.
  4. ”adversaries” or dream-killers wanting to keep you thinking in a box.
  5. ”Dreams” and creative ideas that need action and implementation to experience success.

All business leaders are marketing their message by addressing what the people want to hear which are solutions for their problems.

The variety of situations could have people losing sleep at night, stressed and ready to seek out answers.

The faster you get used to this type of business psychology, the more you’ll be able to show you can relate to people.

Then what happens?

People will naturally want to hear more from you.

A key factor to take into consideration is that you’re not pitching and selling your product while providing content in emails, videos or posts.

You’re helping with ideas and solutions which comes before the ‘bridge’ that actually leads toward the sale.

Imagine yourself with all of your systems set up for marketing online and you have a tribe of people following you for all the value you give!

You’re Awesome!

See You on the Side of Success!

Elaine & Helen


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