Why Would You Start A Blog?

Because It’s FUN & You Can Monetize Your Blog.  Yes, little by little you can build your blog to provide an income for your family.  In our previous blogpost, “Why Would You Start A Blog” [Part 1] we talked about the fun part and the importance of your content.

Here’s a basic overview of how it’s done:

The 5-Step Formula 

1. Create a blog by registering a memorable domain.

2. Write interesting content that will generate traffic and drive visitors in. This content needs to be quality, targeted and informative.

3. Convert your visitors into Email Subscribers so you can build your list. Setup a report as a lead magnet and use the content to drive traffic your list builder. A newsletter is key in building a successful blog online. Scratch that!  A newsletter is absolutely necessary to be successful in nearly any niche online. 

4. Communicate with those subscribers regularly so your list of subscribers won’t go cold. Build a “Know, Like & Trust” relationship with them.  This is where you set yourself apart from the competition.

5. Sell products and services to your audience via your blog and through your newly cultivated newsletter.



Choose a memorable domain that is targeted to your market. Many use their own name to brand themselves. Set up a professional hosting account that houses your blog. Don’t use a free host or a remotely hosted option like Blogger. You’ll thank yourself later.

Our HomeBizTwins.com Website and Blog is hosted on a very special hosting platform with exceptional tools for marketing our Biz.

For us, we love the convenience of “A One Stop Shop” where we’re provided with website security and these extra, over-the-top, tools:

  • Website Hosting (WordPress)
  • a Blog Platform
  • a Lead Capture Page Builder
  • a CRM
  • a FUNNEL Creator
  • Exposure Agents
  • Value & Relationship Builder Giveaways
  • LIVE Weekly Lead Generation Training,
  • Business Coaching
  • a Training Library
  • E-mail Autoresponder Integration
  • a Business Center for your Product Creation
  • a Thriving Community for Support

This is a membership with the practicality of one fee for all the tools instead of fishing around and paying for all of them separately.

We have another blog post that reveals how to avoid pitfalls and wasting money when starting a Biz online. 

We also use GoDaddy for our website’s domain registration. They have great 24 hour customer service. GoDaddy also has an excellent back-up system and Hosting plans.



Writing is Fun. If you’re not feeling like it’s fun, make it Fun. We take notes of ideas during an Ah-Ha moment and set them aside. These notes have accumulated so we now have a truckload of potential content. We take the notes and elaborate on them with other Biz ideas, experiences or whatever is trending for the season.

Your content is what drives in traffic and keeps visitors returning to your blog. It will establish your blog as an informative source of content in your market so make sure you spend extra time crafting compelling content.



Always work towards building your Email list. This is a process you can set up on autopilot by using “opt in forms” that capture visitor’s information and add them to your mailing list. Choose an Autoresponder Company to host your email list.

We set up an introduction/welcome email to go out to our subscribers as soon as they enter their information and join our list. 

Offer an incentive to those who join your email list such as providing them with a special report, special offers and discounts on products and services. Our eBook on the Home page here is an example.

Always over-deliver and yet start off easy. Try not to inundate your subscribers with paid offers right away.

Build “Know, Like & Trust” with them first and let them know you are looking out for their best interests. They’ll want to open your emails because they know they’ll receive value by doing so.

The autoresponder company we use is AWeber.  Again, we can’t tell you enough of how much we’ve been able to thrive where there is excellent support and patience for all of our questions. AWeber took us by the hands and walked us through all of our techie questions. They also have great training videos for all the metrics of email marketing.



When you Communicate value to your subscribers regularly you will Earn their trust and respect.

Rather than bold, in-your-face offers, we work WITH them by providing valuable resources or tools that we believe will help them or improve their lives in some way.

When subscribers feel that you are a friend who is looking out for them, rather than a marketer whose only interest is in making money, they will respond accordingly.

So, there’s no need to be a pushy email marketer.

Be a professional blogger with a pulse on your market and one who is willing to go the distance for your visitors (and potential customers).



How should you begin to monetize your blog?  Affiliate Marketing! 

Start with established products and services from business owners that offer affiliate marketing options.

  • With affiliate marketing, you aren’t stuck in support desks wading through emails from customers who need help.
  • You aren’t working with graphic designers, promotional material and media kits in order to provide tools for promoters to use.
  • You aren’t working on updating products, chasing down and repairing issues or bugs in your software.

As an affiliate, you have one job to do:  Sell the product and earn an income! 

Affiliate marketing is hands down, the smartest strategy to begin with.

As you blog, you’ll see what your visitors are responding to so you can fine-tune your system and begin to tailor both your email campaigns and the content on your blog, around what they are most interested in.


Sounds easy enough, right?  – It is. 

Remember this: Like most things in life, it will take time.

SubCon Alert: Avoid the “Instant gratification” mode.  There are lots of mixed messages about quick, easy and fast success. For the 99.9% of us there’s no such thing.

All Online Marketers have worked hard to understand and then implement what we learned. –We had a huge learning curve to overcome and look…we made it!

Reality Check: This will take effort and work on your part, especially in the beginning as you set up your systems for automation.

You’ll do fine, we promise! 🙂  🙂



See Ya On The Side Of Success!

Elaine & Helen


For Your Research: Here’s a link to the platform where our HomeBizTwins website is hosted. You can watch a video from our friend Brian Fanale, CEO of MyLeadSystemPro. 

Click Here & Watch Video

AWeber Autoresponder